Great Passages in “Independent People”

As you read “Independent People,” it is impossible to not be impressed with Laxness’ incredible use of language and imagery, which holds true even in translation. I hold up the following passage from the J.A. Thompson translation where Bjartur of Summerhouses lays out his philosophy of life for the visitors to his humble turfhouse. Continue reading

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Thoughts on the first INL Reads! launch

by Gwen Mann

Halldor Laxness’s Independent People, the book chosen by the INL Reads! organizing committee is the first book to be read in the series by Icelanders and anyone else who loves Icelandic literature. We’ll then discuss the book on line, in local  Icelandic clubs and any other way that the conversation should go. Continue reading

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INL Reads! Book Selection Announced at the INL/NA Convention

This is the announcement text for INL Reads! as presented at the INL of NA Convention in Edmonton: Continue reading

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Icelandic National League of North America Reads!

The Icelandic League of North America ( is interested in all things Icelandic. This blog is narrowing that focus, by looking for the book (fiction or non-fiction) that will be the initial work in our INL Reads project.

Continue reading

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