2012-13 INL Reads! Selection

At the 2012 Icelandic National League of North America Convention in Brandon, Manitoba, our second INL Reads! selection was chosen by delegates attending the convention. We had five excellent nominees and after perusing the candidates at the Tergesen’s Store booth, the delegates winnowed the five choices down to our 2012-2013 selection:

What the Bear Said

By W. D. Valgardson

This collection of fables by the award winning author, W.D. Valgardson, is very broad in
scope.  These stories range from settings in Iceland to Canada.  Much research
has gone into this work.  Again, it is Bill’s straight forward prose that showcases
fantastical tales into the believable.  These tales are varied both in location
and characters, where some are supernatural while others appear to be
people you have known or met.  The stories from the settlement era show us
how prominent  folk tales that crossed the ocean to North America were in the settler’s daily lives.

Bill has always identified with his story telling family.  There are points in
this book where you can feel yourself sitting around the kitchen table sharing coffee
while listening to the masterful unfolding of a story that seems as if it must have been shared in such settings for generations.

Here is a link from Bill’s Blog about one of the stories in What the Bear Said, called “Wendigo.”

For more background material on What the Bear Said, you can visit the What the Bear Said Facebook page.


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