Thoughts on the first INL Reads! launch

by Gwen Mann

Halldor Laxness’s Independent People, the book chosen by the INL Reads! organizing committee is the first book to be read in the series by Icelanders and anyone else who loves Icelandic literature. We’ll then discuss the book on line, in local  Icelandic clubs and any other way that the conversation should go.

What an excellent choice! This classic was first published in Iceland in 1934 – 1935, and translated into English in 1946. Independent People was later instrumental in helping Halldor win the Noble Prize for Literature in 1955. This truly Icelandic book, as it describes the difficult life of a farmer as they strive for independence, touches on the sagas, the world war, animals, the harsh climate and much more.

Look around, you may find this book in your club library (we have at least two) on the book shelf of a neighbour, at your local university library, at the public library or at a used book store. Tergesens in Gimli will be able to get the book to you. It’s available on the main internet book stores.

Think you don’t have time to read? This book is divided into small chapters. When you have a few minutes to spare, pick up the book and read a chapter. Everyone that I have talked to says that this is such a good book. Get on board and join the discussion. We’ll be interested in hearing from you. This should be a lot of fun!

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2 Responses to Thoughts on the first INL Reads! launch

  1. Rob O says:

    Thanks Gwen for your post about our first selection and how much fun it will be to discuss this work in clubs and on line–right here!

    Summer is a great time to start reading the book and begin posting your thoughts on Laxness’ most famous work on the INL Reads! blog.

  2. Leif E says:

    You are both right. A great read. Got to get back to the book now a read a few chapters more tonight.

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